Propensities of Time
The works in this Series, relate the temporal disposition of the relatively unseen forces of gravity and the earth’s rotation, illuminating frequent transitory events that occupy a brief moment as they happen, and then recede to a marginal location further and further in the past. Gravity and it’s effects, are constantly felt by us, yet remain invisible...depended upon daily, but rarely acknowledged. It’s presence and our menial understanding of it’s enormous power are most often taken for granted, unless the obvious happens, as when something falls to the ground.

Seldom do we recognize it’s more prevalent, more subtle effects, like when a shadow rolls slowly across the ground, shape shifting... becoming something new... then dissolving, vanishing, as it’s light source is extinguished. It is these mindfully disconnected transformational effects on spectral color and the nebulous movements of the very “Light” we use to identify,  relate, and manage the experiences of our lives, that feed my creative curiosity as an artist. I am endeavoring to visually account with reductive, minimal, starkly graphical shorthand, images that grace the nuances of “Time”.