Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Original Painting: Acrylic on Hardboard Panel
Image Size: 7 x 5 Inches   Copyright © Rich Moyers 2012
  " PRESSING ENGAGEMENT "  is another "object" displaying AGGRESSIVE TENDENCIES, the fourth piece completed in the  series.
Pleated accordion style sheet metal, is being systematically crushed (from Right to Left) by the powerful movement of an industrial press... shrinking it's width and adding a reciprocal vertical rise to each of it's two-toned folds. The diagonal lines of the main screw threads, also reinforce the painting's directional movement.
Prominent Metallic colors are illuminated by three differing surface treatments, Rough Texture, Semi Gloss, and Smooth Satin Gloss, further heightening the illusion of spacial depth across the picture plane.
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