Friday, March 9, 2012


Original Painting: Acrylic on Hardboard Panel
Image Size: 6 x 6 Inches   Copyright © Rich Moyers 2012
" RED GLASS "..... is the first piece completed in the " AGGRESSIVE TENDENCIES " Series. This group of intimate works has developed from my studio practice of making small scale studies for larger works. They are turning out to be so successful, that I'm pleased to offer them as complete works unto themselves. It seems I was caught up being the perfectionist, and got so carried away, that the hours just flew by while working intensely on each piece.
The idea for creating this Series, was to portray in an abstract / minimalistic sense, common objects, and everyday situations that to my mind at least, harbor latently ominous tendencies, turning the simplest of benign moments, into suddenly harrowing aggressions.
" RED GLASS " also a mindful "play on words"'s stained glass beauty is exactly the color of the violently flowing results, should one become too carelessly beguiled.
Another of my working processes in this project, is to limit the number of colors, and heighten their contrasts, while expanding textural surface qualities. To that end, " RED GLASS " has 4 different surface treatments for each of it's colors...from the highly textured Grey Micaceous Iron Oxide to the Super High Gloss Quinacridone Crimson Varnish. The horizontal Yellow "caution" stripe is Semi-Gloss, and the Buff background at the top of the work is a Deep Velvety Satin. The juxtaposition of these varied surface treatments and the compositional proportions create a heightened three dimensional tactile illusion as the design is carried over, wrapping the colors around the edges...perfect for the thin metal floater framing I have in mind.

Original Painting: Acrylic on Hardboard Panel
Image Size: 6 x 6 Inches   Copyright © Rich Moyers 2012

" NIGHTFALL "..... is the second piece completed in the " AGGRESSIVE TENDENCIES " Series, and it's premise is "situational" versus the "object" as in " RED GLASS " seen above.

 Here I created a more rigorously limited composition, just three shapes and three surface treatments to infer an abstract / minimalist view of the darkening night suffocating the last bit of daylight.

I believe both of these new works communicate their contemporary artistic esthetics quite well, irregardless of any intended or perceived "meaning". Simplicity can be quite beautiful!

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