Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Journey to the East " on Zatista Blog

One of my  "Japonica Series" Pieces " KIMONO MOON "( still available to purchase, just click the picture ) was just cited on Zatista's Gallery's "Wall Spin" Blog posting " Journey to the East " by Blogger Brian Sylvester from Boston, MA, as " a fine example of a Contemporary artist influenced by Oriental art principles "  

Who could EVER Imagine that a small piece of MY artwork would be shown along side that of Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Mary Cassatt, James McNeil Whistler, and even Frank Loyd Wright?...well it IS......right now on the " Wall Spin " Blog on's the link:

               Richard Moyers "Kimono Moon"

" Whether it is evident in clean lines, delicate brushwork, intimate interior scenes or vast landscapes, the lure of the Eastern style continues to inform the work of Western artists with its combination of simplicity and the exotic, allowing us our own journey to the East, without having to leave the comfort of home."

Brian Sylvester

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