Monday, February 15, 2010


( Morphic Resonance Series )

Original Mixed Media Painting: Acrylic, Metallic Acrylic, Gouache, & Watercolor on French Lanaquarelle Watercolor Paper.    
Image Size: 9 x 10.5 inches     Framed Size: 14 x 18 inches (museum mounted)

This is the 2nd work in my New 2010 Abstract Series: "MORPHIC RESONANCE".... "an inward look at an endless journey".... multiple layers of transparent Acrylic Paint over Matt Acrylic Gouache and Watercolor washes creating a vibrant luminosity, both smooth and impasto backgrounds of the various sections add to the multidimensional effect I wanted for this piece....(very evident and effective when viewed in person). 

For more detailed "Complexity" PICS CLICK HERE

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